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Hi There. We are Built Right OS, we are a boutique custom consulting & software solutions firm. We love collaborating with our passionate clients and building them custom services that are fully functional and rich with useful features.

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Application Expertise

Our Services

We build right the first time to reduce fixed costs while increasing bottom-line and efficiencies.

Automations & Custom Integrations

We build automations & write custom software scripts to work alongside your existing software services. This gives our clients seamless management, organization, and measurable efficiencies throughout their business

App Development

Have a new project, concept, or idea that you want to test in the market? We'll construct project & include suggested KPI's to make it easy to track your concepts success


We provide step-by-step details on how to alleviate bottlenecks and workflow redundancies. Clients can receive an A3, workflows, and recommended software tools to immediately address major pain points.

Company Dashboards

Clients can have an internal-facing dashboard to view their employees & company performance with a real-time dashboard. We'll train employees to follow a standardize process giving you clarity at anytime


Built Right makes it a goal to educate our clients on the software we implement to give confidence & transparency in their operations


We understand that software isn't everyone's strengths, that's why we also train clients on how to use their software & easily access. We even provide troubleshooting video docs

Reduce Fixed Costs

In every project, we show a reduction in costs compared to our clients current costs so that the savings can benefit our clients

Growth Notification

If you like to have notifications of when certain KPI's are met, we can implement email & SMS notifications so you can know immediately

Official Partnerships


Built Right is an officially recognized partner with Integromat) due to their excellent service. View our profile here


Built Right is an Agency Partner with due to their excellent product & features for our clients.


WAdalo is a Seattle-based software development agency co-op working to build great products for our clients.

Our Product
Mobii Cards

Mobii Lead Generation

Clients have requested an easier way to connect with their customers, generate leads on the field, and provide Mobii as an additional revenue stream they can offer.

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You get

1. New website
2. Profile contact page
3. Custom engraved company metal cards

Need an enterprise service? Please view here.

What People Say About Us

[Built Right] brought forth a great idea about implementing a program to buy, refurbish, and rent products. In [Built Right's] process of consulting our team, [Built Right] was able to assess our supply chain issues, provide a solution, and unveil a roadmap to two new income revenue streams. Our team is currently getting ready to go live with the implementation of the two new income revenue streams on our platforms, we are very excited! It was a delight working with [them]. [Built Right] is very cooperative and respectful.”

Jose Pascual
America Tools Corp

"We added 2 new revenue streams to our business almost immediately. (Now one of our main sources of income). Extremely knowledgeable & took about 30 seconds to have an entire plan mapped out for our team."

Austin Shultz
Co-Founder at Boca Body Lifestyle

"Built Right automated our lead generation seamlessly within budget and on-schedule. Artemis was able to scale quickly and deliver our customers their matches faster with Built Right's team. Knowledgeable & professional, will work with again

Nicholas Bourdon
Founder of Artemis Horse Match

"[Built Right] was beyond helpful and supportive in making my dreams with my website a reality. [Built Right] was educational, patient, and reliable. I found myself in a position of “I have this dream, this goal, this vision, but I don’t know where to go next” and [Built Right] helped me bring that to life. Thanks to them, I feel confident in the next steps fit my company and gave a comprehensive understanding of a platform I feel comfortable using to share my vision with the world. In addition to this, I know [Built Right] will continue to help me every step of the way which gives me an invaluable confidence!”

Emerson Stanka
Founder at Vivant